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elegant. empowering. effortless. enewton.

Growing up as a tomboy, founder Elizabeth Newton, has a great appreciation for effortless and classic pieces that enhance a look. Additionally, being a busy mom has increased her appreciation for time. enewton’s commitment to quality materials, such as gold-filled, helps you save time—you can shower, sweat, swim and sleep in your enewton! As the enewton brand continues to grow, our style is more defined. Staying true to Elizabeth’s words, she will never put a piece in the marketplace that she would not wear. enewton can be found in over 1,200 boutiques nationwide.

“At enewton, we believe in celebrating each other. We all rise by lifting others” -Elizabeth Newton

Today what Elizabeth is most proud of is the emotion and stories that the enewton brand ignites. Since the beginning, the Newtons found enewton to be a platform to give to organizations that touched the lives of their family and friends near and dear to their hearts.

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Julie Vos

Julie Vos

Julie Vos creates six to eight new collections each year, drawing inspiration from vibrant New York City, her adoration of the fine arts and her passion for travel. She absorbs the glorious details of the cities she visits – the architecture, the art, the ironwork – and interprets it to create stylish and sophisticated classics that make women look and feel beautiful.

The jewelry is designed and handcrafted to the standards of fine jewelry. Made of semi-precious stones, pearl and imported glass, hand set in 24k gold plate over nickel-free brass and sealed to prevent tarnish.

The brand, established in 2006, is modeled on the belief that we create the beautiful world we live in, with inspiration and discipline, and this philosophy translates in the design of every piece of jewelry.

Kendra Scott

As a young mom, I began designing my first jewelry collection with $500 and a dream. I wanted to build a brand that values family first, pushes the boundaries of fashion and quality design, and above all stands behind the importance of giving back. Our three core pillars of Family, Fashion and Philanthropy gave this company a firm foundation that allowed us to grow into the successful lifestyle brand that we are today. As a mother, a designer, and founder of a company made of 98% women, I am honored to say we are a business based in Austin, Texas that is doing good through our beautiful designs and commitment to giving back.

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Our company prides itself on the "Brighton Difference," which is rooted in the belief that the difference is in the details. Brighton is one of the few design houses where our own designers sketch each creation by hand and then follow the product from concept to fruition. It's a traditional process that has been practiced for centuries - yet the accessories themselves are always fashion-relevant and timeless works of art.

Brighton's philosophy is simple, yet it is intertwined in everything we do - from creating beautiful accessories with lasting quality to treating each customer as if they were the only customer. We believe in, and practice, making everyone feel as special as they truly are. We have a lot of heart at Brighton - and we're a pretty passionate team. We hope you find our passion contagious...and follow your heart to Brighton.